Coronavirus -South Africa: cabin crew member Who Rescued South Africans From China Dies

Coronavirus -South Africa: cabin crew member Who Rescued South Africans From China Dies

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Johannesburg — Thousands of South Africans went to social media to mourn the hurtful and untimely demise of a very beloved South African lady, Nakedi Ntshane who was at first thought to have died after being infected by the noble virus terrorisng the world over, the popular Coronavirus (Covid-19).

Nakedi whilst she was alive rose to popularity as one amongst the team of pilots and air crew who adamantly rescued neglected South Africans who were in China when the pandemic broke through the nation.

Recall that reports had it, blacks in China especially Nigerians, South Africans, Ghanians etc were being thrown out of their homes and apartments in China by landlords and the likes when the Covid-19 broke in the country, Exposing them to easy access to the deadly virus. Many were seen in garages, on the streets and some were assaulted in the process.

Nakedi and her team made sure every South African who was hated and pushed of their apartment was found and brought back to S.A.

Moreso, when they got back to South Africa many weeks ago, everyone of them both flight crew and all returnees were quarantined for the due duration of time for the virus to surface. But they were released as all tested negative except one lady who later died.

Hence the news of her death came as a shocker to many who thought that the virus was only fatal in older people. But this thought was debunked as the death cases also includes young people with underlying illnesses that could cause death.

There have been speculations on her identity as many said she wasn’t amongst the team of pilots but maybe a cabin crew member. Another person boldly stated that cabin crew members at some point undergo flight trainings.

Hundreds of people have expressed their deep sadness as some trooped in to appreciate and pray for Nakedi’s family as they prayed that the heroine rests in peace. Although she was negative after the quarantine, it is believed that she might have contracted the virus after leaving the isolation center.

However according to News24, a South African based local news website in South Africa, communications purportedly sent by Ntshane’s cousin, claiming that the posts are fake news. “The part about corona… is not true and is not sitting well with the family,” she wrote.

According to News24, SAA spokesperson Tlali Tlali also denied the claims, saying: “We mourn the loss of life of our colleague, Nakedi Tebatso Ntshane, who passed on last Sunday morning after a short illness. She was employed at SAA as a cabin crew member and was training towards becoming a commercial pilot. 

Ntshane was a cabin crew member and was “training towards becoming a commercial pilot”, said the airline. An acquaintance told News24 she went into quarantine after returning from Wuhan and was discharged with all the other people on the flight.

Tlali said the SAA medical department has confirmed that the airline has had no Covid-19-related deaths, be it crew or employees in other disciplines.

“We are appalled that the distribution of this false information was in total disregard of privacy and respect towards the family and the deceased,” Tlali said.

News24 also received a message from an acquaintance of Ntshane, stating: “She did the Wuhan flight, was in quarantine with everyone else in Limpopo where a battery of tests were conducted before their release. She didn’t operate any of the subsequent repatriation flights after their release. Claims that she died of Covid-19 are not clinically and medically supported.”

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