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Coronavirus – Nigeria: Private school owners, teachers cry to Government for assistance

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LAGOS — Private school owners and teachers have cried out to the federal government for aids as they are being threatened the more by the ravaging coronavirus pandemic.

Most especially, owners under the aegis of the National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools (NAPPS), are crying for help, as they claim their is not any other source of income, yet, they have to pay tax relief, their workers and teachers as well as technical support to support them embark on online teaching among others.

The teachers as well are asking the federal government to consider them in the sharing of palliatives.

Chief Amusa Olawale who is the Lagos State President of NAPPS while speaking for the school owners said his association has written to the Lagos Government, on the issues both teachers and owners are experiencing, so as to seek their assistance and he hopes something positive would come out of the effort.

“We deserve being supported. The government generates revenues through us as we pay taxes, levies, and other funds. Our sector should not be forgotten. The number of learners in private schools is far more than those in public schools. We also employ more than 60 percent of teachers in schools. We need tax relief and soft loans to boat our businesses”, the president said.

Speaking on behalf of the teachers and pupils in the private schools, Olawale also include them in the list of beneficiaries of government’s palliativbest on the glamour of

He also said his members are trying their best in the regards of teachers in private schools for some sort of compensation during this period of school closure.

He further stated that no one knows when schools will be reopened and for the association to retain their good hands, they must pay the teachers something.

“Only the teachers in public schools are experiencing luxury of full payment while the schools are not in session. It is a matter of understanding between teachers and their employers and the welfare of our teachers is also a great concern for us,” he explained.

In this period, teachers in public schools as well as the ones in private schools, even the owners are in need of palliatives.

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