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Coronavirus: A Ugandan man who fetches water donates $1 towards the fight of the pandemic

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Ugandan citizen Samuel Kimbowa who fetches water for a living donated UGX5000 ($ 1.35) to aid the government in the fight against COVID19.

Also, House of Prayer Ministries led by Pastor Aloysius Bugingo donated UGX100 million shillings to help the government in the fight against COVID19.

Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda, the Prime Minister of Uganda received the items from all those who have responded to President Museveni’s call for support.

“Faith without works is not good and in this regard, we have also moved to stand with people of Uganda,” he said while handing over his donation.

Pastor Bujingo

Bugingo says the donation was a unanimous decision made by his church’s administration.

Handing over the dummy cheque, Pastor Bugingo said the House of Prayer Ministry International faith without is a dead one.

“We are with you in prayer but also he said
pledging to continue giving more assistance towards the needy.

The gesture reflects the support that the House of Prayer Ministry International has extended to the authorities’ measures to safeguard the health of the country.

Sisimuka Uganda CEO Frank Gashumba applauded Pastor Aloysius Bugingo of House of Prayer Ministries International church for his Shs100 million Covid-19 donation.

Frank Gashumba

Mr. Gashumba also reminded other pastors and religious that this is actually what they ought to be doing.

“Pastor Aloysius Bugingo, through his church has donated Shs100m towards helping Uganda’s vulnerable groups affected by the lockdown. Yes, that’s what pastors are supposed to be doing, giving back to their flock. It’s been years of receiving, it’s time to give,” Mr. Gashumba wrote.

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