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Coronavirus: 18 recover from the pandemic in Uganda

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The health ministry of Uganda will discharge 18 COVID-19 patients who have recovered from coronavirus.

The announcement was made yesterday on Saturday 11th April 2020 by Emma Ainebyoona, the ministry spokesperson.

Emma Ainebyoona, Uganda’s Health Ministry spokesperson.

Three patients who have fully recovered from the virus were released today while 15 more will come out between Sunday and Monday.

In a tweet on Saturday, Ainebyoona said: ‘The Ministry of Health, according to Dr Jane Ruth Aceng, will today release three patients who nolonger have detectable viral load and another 15 patients will also be discharged on Sunday or Monday.”

Jane Ruth Aceng, Uganda’s Health Ministry

This will slash the number of positive cases from 53 to thirty-five, a significant milestone for the health sector in battling the respiratory illness that has considerably hurt economic activity across the globe.

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