Committee On Sport Disappointed With Ms Semenya Ruling, Urges Her To Continue Running

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The Portfolio Committee on Sport and Recreation has noted the overwhelming support given to Ms Caster Semenya following the Court of Arbitration for Sport ruling on her appeal.

The Chairperson of the portfolio committee, Ms Beauty Dlulane, said the committee is disappointed with the outcome of the appeal. “We had hoped for a different outcome, one that would have put to rest the controversy surrounding Caster. It is sad that the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) inconveniences her in this manner for something that is not of her making,” Ms Dlulane said.

The anger directed towards IAAF after the ruling is understandable, Ms Dlulane said. The committee has called for a further review of rules pertaining to female athletes.

The committee will support the decision of Ms Semenya’s legal team going forward. The committee wishes her well in tonight’s competition in Doha. Ms Dlulane also called on the sixth democratic Parliament to continue this work to support Ms Semenya.

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