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CNBC Africa reflects on Transformation in COVID-19

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JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, May 30, 2020/ — The unfolding covid-19 pandemic is both a health and economic crisis of historic and unprecedented scale. Other than a few sectors, most businesses have been affected adversely. During this very difficult period, what has stayed constant is the indispensable role that media plays in society. CNBC Africa has implemented a number of proactive and innovative measures to continue to deliver accurate, timely and informative business news.

All organizations within the nuances of their own industries, have adapted to the new normal in operations to remain relevant to their customers. Being a Pan African business news network, the channel has had to review its programming grid to continue exceeding expectations of our viewers. An important aspect was not only to increase interactive engagement using technology but also look at different sectors and look at the recovery within these sectors. To this end, CNBC Africa has risen to the challenge with the launch of the first ever virtual panel discussion series, Business Tomorrow. The first episode aired live on the 5th May 2020 featuring panellists across the public and private sector. The virtual event was broadcast live across the continent, via satellite and multiple online video platforms with a live audience.

The focus of series is to provide a platform to highlight the devastating impacts of the pandemic. While we are all adapting and responding in our own way CNBC Africa wants to continue to play a role in helping individuals and communities emerge stronger. We aim to use the Business Tomorrow series to compress in 60 minutes the most relevant information and actionable recommendations on priority topics to support businesses in their prevention, response and recovery efforts.  It is this degree of high-level engagement and access that gives our corporate partners a competitive edge.

This pandemic has pushed the world into uncharted territory and has forced many businesses to reassess almost every aspect of how they work. Our top priority remains the health and safety of our employees and partners in the countries we operate. We have been fortunate and uniquely positioned to respond and transition quickly to the nationwide lockdown, innovating new services and solutions for both our audience and clients. We are incredibly proud of our team’s ability to deliver and help navigate the impacts of this pandemic. These past few months have proven that we are making it work from home. It has also allowed us as an organisation to continue to grow in our thinking and manage technology and innovation for a competitive advantage.

CNBC Africa’s mission is more relevant than ever to continue to monitor and respond to the ever-changing economic landscape to give our audience the latest breaking business and financial news, online, on-air and on point.

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