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CDF-Gen. Muhoozi speaks out: There is nothing wrong with meeting Kibalama

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The Chief of the Defence Forces, Gen.David Muhoozi has for the first time spoken out on circumstances surrounding the meeting he had with the founder of the National Unity Platform (NUP) party Moses Nkonge Kibalama.

A few weeks ago, Kibalama told court during cross-examination that he had met Muhoozi and discussed some issues but declined to name the other individuals who were in the meeting.

A number of commentators have since insinuated that during the meeting, plans were hatched to see Kibalama change his mind over the National Unity Reconciliation and Development Party (NURP) which later metamorphosed into the National Unity Platform currently headed by Robert Kyagulanyi.

It was later claimed that it was after the meeting that he changed his affidavit in a court case against him for changing party name and leadership.

However, while appearing on UBC TV on Wednesday, the Chief of Defence Forces said whereas everyone is entitled to their own opinion, there is no big deal in meeting Kibalama, just like he does to many other people.

“Someone got in touch and told me Kibalama had requested to meet me. I was going for a meeting, I asked, can’t it wait? He said Kibalama’s life was in danger. I did not solicit the meeting. I advised Kibalama to contact police. Later, I heard that he had gone to ISO and then court. But why shouldn’t I meet him or any other Ugandan,” Muhoozi said in response to a question from the program’s moderator.

Asked whether he regrets meeting Kibalama following the backlash it attracted in regards to the National Unity Platform, the Chief of Defence Forces said everyone is entitled to their own opinion and it is their right.

“I wouldn’t want to be drawn in the dynamics of NUP. But everyone is entitled to an opinion. I have finally been given the opportunity to be heard; I met Kibalama on matters other than NUP.”

Kibalama, the founding leader of the political party that Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi, also known as Bobi Wine, took over in a twist of events changed his affidavit to claim change of leadership was done illegally.

In August, two NURP members Basile Difas and Hassan Twaha dragged 11 people to court for changing the party leadership without authorization to Kyagulanyi and the name was changed to the National Unity Platform and Kibalama swore an affidavit defending the process of changing the party leadership.

Kibalama however swore another affidavit in which he made a U-turn, prompting the court to summon him for cross-examination.

This followed reports that the army and police had the 59 year -old former police officer in their custody.

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