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Cabinet approves proposals to repatriate it’s citizens stuck abroad

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KAMPALA, UGANDA — Cabinet has approved proposals to repatriate Ugandans stuck abroad due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

A special committee has now been instituted to come up with guidelines by Thursday this week on how this shall be implemented.

This is after over 300 Ugandan teachers who have been teaching in China cried out for help from the government after spending 5 months without earning a penny.

The 300 are among the 2,500 Ugandans who have expressed interest to return home mainly from China and the United Arab Emirates.

Namutebi Clare, an English Language teacher in China tells KFM that after all schools were closed in December last year due to covid-19, all teachers, majority of whom are Africans were laid off.

Another Ugandan who is only referred to as “Omuntu Wawansi” loosely translated as the common man, says over 300 Ugandans have registered to be repatriated.

The permanent secretary at Foreign Affairs Patrick Mugoya said that the Minister of foreign Affairs will later today present details about the planned repatriation.

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