Briton survives razor-blade attack in Somali jail

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A British man being detained in a Somali jail has survived an attack by inmates armed with razor blades, authorities have said.

Anthony Thomas Cox, who works for a private security firm was arrested ten days ago at the main airport in the capital Mogadishu with tear gas canisters in his suitcase.

A Prison official said he suspected jihadists at Mogadishu Central Prison to be behind the attack.

He added that the Briton had suffered a minor cut to his neck during the attack.

Mr. Cox is to be charged with endangering the public by failing to disclose them.

The deputy governor of Mogadishu Central Prison, Abdikarim Ali Afrah, said they managed to stop the attack following a tip off.

He said: “As one of the suspects was about to cut his neck, we managed to stop him. He sustained a very minor cut. He is doing well,”

He also confirmed that the two attackers were suspected Islamist militants.

One is thought to a be a member of al-Shabab, the other is believed to belong to the Islamic State group – both are fighting Somalia’s UN-backed government.