BREXIT: PM Seeks Snap Election While MPs Threaten Court Action!

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It comes in the wake of a series of Parliamentary defeats for the government, beginning after Mr Johnson announced his decision to suspend Parliament for five weeks in September and October.

First, the prime minister lost control of the House of Commons agenda.

That allowed opposition MPs and rebel Tories to put forward the bill to prevent a no-deal Brexit, which Mr Johnson said “scuppered” his negotiations with the EU.

In response, the prime minister expelled 21 of his own MPs for rebelling against the government over the vote and then called for a general election.

According to the British Prime Minister, elections would allow the public to choose between the government’s approach – Mr Johnson’s commitment to leave on 31 October, either with a renegotiated deal or no deal – and “more delay, more dither” from Labour.

However, opposition MPs say they will only agree to an election when the extension to the Brexit deadline has been secured, to ensure the UK does not “crash out” without a deal.

This has further prompted MPs to line up a legal team and are willing to go to court to enforce the legislation, if necessary.

But according to the BBC, the PM has said he would “rather be dead in a ditch” than ask for a delay.

Although the government has said it will abide by the law, Mr Johnson described it as obliging him “in theory” to write to Brussels asking for a “pointless delay”.

The Daily Telegraph reported that the prime minister said seeking another extension is “something I will never do”, fuelling speculation that ministers could try to find a loophole.

The BBC has learned that a cross-party group of MPs have lined up a legal team and that they are prepared, if necessary, to go to court in order to try to compel Mr Johnson to seek a delay.

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