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Bobi Wine reveals why he is running for President

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While appearing on the Council Yaife Political talkshow that airs on 87.7 BABAFM every Saturday from 10am -12pm hosted by Kalyowa Atanansi, Kyaddondo East Legislator Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine shared 5 basic reasons as to why he is vying for the top most office in the country come 2021.

Below are the basic reasons much as there are other reasons;

Rule of Law and Respect for Human Rights: He said even coming to to Babafm was a tag of war because security forces didn’t want him to be hosted that’s why many were seen outside around the radio premises.

He added that Security operatives should know that they are civil servants and have to do what is right. Constitution gives freedom of expression, freedom of association and other freedoms, so people shouldn’t be persecuted like it was to him (Bobi), Hon. Zaake and those who were killed.

He said that in his governement, no one will be above the law!

Health:  He said it’s sad very many people are suffering out there because in hospitals there are no enough drugs and in case of any accident it’s so easy for the victim to die.  “We have a poor health system yet Doctors should be highly respected.

The same way a Military General is guarded, that’s how surgeons should be treated because they play a vital role in people’s lives. They should be paid highly for their services otherwise the likes of Dr. Kiyingi would be here treating Ugandans.

I can’t allow corruption and mishandling of the health sector but here the likes of Jim Muhwezi and Capt. Mike Mukula who embezzled Health Ministry funds were just switched to other ministries” said Kyagulanyi.

Education: He said; “As an entertainer, my dream was to study from Namasagali College because it was a highly respected institution but it’s in a sorry state! Many other schools in Busoga which were strong then like Busoga College Mwiri, Kiira College Butiki and others can no longer compete yet the First Lady is the Minister for Education.

When I become President, I want to introduce an AAA system:

a) Academics: This normal learning

b) Athletics: Not all scholars are good in class but have talent in athletics like footballers, netballers, boxers etc

c) Arts: We need to identify talent at an early age like musicians, comedians etc” Agriculture, Land and Minerals: Hon. Kyagulanyi said “Uganda has ever been a bread basket for East Africa and Africa at large. We want to revive cooperative societies like Busoga Growers. Agriculture contributes much on Uganda’s GDP much as it was weakened! It’s sad that sugarcane growers are more like slaves and an acre of sugarcane goes for just UGX400,000 or less and common people aren’t given licences.

In my government, Busoga shall have a sugar factory of its own and Busoga has fertile land that favors different plants besides sugarcane!

Minerals: Iganga and Namayingo districts have gold but still lag behind yet they would have gained much from their minerals.

Land: Government is using some individuals to steal people’s land. We have enough land but have failed to develop.”

National unity and Reconciliation:  “This generation has divided people on tribal bases, religious bases, gender, wealth etc. All this needs to be worked upon. There’s a lot of tribalism which needs to be fought. Most influential areas are occupied by people from the same region. All regions must be represented equally.” He said

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