Bobi Wine book features on America’s biggest publishing platform – LULU

Bobi Wine book features on America’s biggest publishing platform – LULU

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LOS ANGELES – ‘The Face of Change’ book that features Uganda’s Robert Kyagulanyi as the main subject has featured on America’s biggest publishing platform – LULU.

The book written by Shammah Benefits, a renown human rights activist and writer describes Bobi Wine as a brave young man who has gone against all odds to unseat one of the world’s longest presidents .

Since it’s publication, this book has received a big welcome from readers both locally and internationally.

Who wouldn’t want to read about the Arua 33?

This week America’s biggest book digital distribution platform LULU.COM announced to it’s clients and readers that The Face of Change is one of the latest books available on hot sale and mostly demanded on the platform.

LULU is an online print-on-demand, e-publishing, and distribution platform.

By 2014, it produced approximately two million titles. It distributes to online retail outlets such as, Barnes & Noble, and Apple’s iBookstore.

“I published the book this week (september 2020) but the feedback i’m receiving from readers is overwhelming, people are sending me emails and messages on facebook asking me for an extended version of this book,” Shammah told us.

“But mostly I’m excited to have my book featured in the list of books on high demand on one of the world’s biggest platforms,”he continued.

In The Face of Change, Shammah wrote about Bobi Wine’s political journey since he went to parliament through the OTT tax times, the Arua saga which claimed Kyagulanyi’s driver’s life, his declaration to run for presidency in 2021 elections to registering a party – National Unity Platform (NUP).

While talking to us, Shammah said that for the time he has been active in activism, he has never seen a brave person like Kyagulanyi.

“If you read my book you will find a line saying, “He has majority support because he represents a generation,” he said.

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