Biden launches LGBTQ family acceptance campaign

US Vice President Joe Biden clenches his fist as he speaks to a U.S. Australian business roundtable in Sydney, Australia, Monday, July 18, 2016. Biden is in Australia for four days as part of a tour of the Pacific.(AP Photo/Rob Griffith)

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WASHINGTON, United States of America

A new Initiative aimed at emphasizing the importance of family and community acceptance to LGBTQ youth has been announce said a source closer to Joe Biden

The “As You Are” campaign was launched under the former vice president’s eponymous foundation, which lists LGBTQ equality as one of its pillars.
The social media campaign hopes to collect testimonies from LGBTQ youth, family members, educators and others.
Those stories will be used as educational tools “with the hope that they will serve to inspire, to create communities, to heal families, and to change the broader culture to ensure a bright future for all LGBTQ young people,” a news release said.
“I‘m so proud to announce the Biden Foundation has launched this campaign,” Biden said in the news release. “We’ll use our resources to highlight the harms of family rejection and lift up research, best practices, and personal stories to powerfully show the significant value of family acceptance.”
“LGBTQ young people should never have to face rejection from those who love them,” he added in a tweet, encouraging the public to share their stories “about the importance of family acceptance, because we all deserve to be safe, loved, and affirmed.”
According to a December 2017 research letter published in the medical journal JAMA,teens who are identified as gay, lesbian, bisexual or questioning were much more vulnerable to planning or attempting suicide.
Transgender teens were not included in that study, but research has shown that transgender youth may face a similarly high, if not higher, suicide risk.