Belgian PM Charles Michel offers resignation amid nationalist anger over migrants

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Following the continued disputes about the migration crisis in Belguim Prime Minister Charles Michel has offered the king his resignation.

This site has learnt that the King has not yet accepted his resignation.

The palace said a decision is pending.

Having lost the backing of the Flemish nationalist N-VA on December 9, Michel had attempted to lead a minority government.

But on Tuesday, during a parliamentary debate, the liberal premier admitted defeat rather than face and probably lose a no confidence vote called by the left-wing and green opposition parties.

The PM stepped in office in 2014, but lost the backing of the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) over his support for the UN migration pact, a cause celebre for European anti-immigration parties.

Michel’s resignation comes two days after demonstrations against the pact in central Brussels descended into scuffles, with police forced to use tear gas and water cannon to restore order.

After a debate in parliament where opposition parties refused to agree to vote on planned reforms on a case-by-case basis until the May 26 election, Michel announced he would quit.

“I have taken the decision to submit my resignation and it is my intention to go to see the king immediately,” Michel said, jumping before lawmakers could push him with a motion of no confidence.