Beef consumers of the Ugandan city of Jinja worried by the condition of the abattoir

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JINJA, Uganda

Residents in Jinja Town are concerned over the state of Jinja main abattoir where cattle, sheep and goats are slaughtered and distributed to various butchers.

The abattoir is located in Industrial Area, Walukuba West Parish, Division in Jinja Municipality.
When Daily Monitor visited the facility on Tuesday, there was flow of animal waste and blood with no exact collection point.
Mr Joseph Okello, a resident of Walukuba, ‘condemned’ the facility saying the unhygienic condition in which the animal are being slaughtered worries beef consumers.

“If you visit the abattoir, you don’t feel like eating or buying meat in this town again. The slaughtering, skinning and separation of the animal parts is unhygienic,” Mr Okello said.

A worker at the abattoir, who preferred not to be mentioned for fear of reprisal, said they are conducting business from a dirty environment, citing lack of water, protective gear and a blocked drainage system as their biggest challenges.

“During the recent Idd festivities, the Turkish, who had more than 400 head of cattle that were meant to be slaughtered and given out to the Muslim community, expressed concern over the state of the facility,” the worker said.

The chairperson of cattle traders in Jinja, Mr Chrysostom Kagolo, said he could not talk about the abattoir’s current condition, saying: “It is the municipal council to address them since it took over the tender of managing the facility.”

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