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Bad Black insists that the government will pay her

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KAMPALA – We all know Shanita Namuyimbwa, alias Bad Black, has always been in the news for all reasons money or scandals over money. Not at any one time did we ever see her doing voluntary work, and certainly this was not about to start, not even during COVID-19. 

During a press conference on Monday, Black made it clear to the government that the only advert she accepted to do for no pay was the one sensitizing Ugandans to put on masks.

However, in a press statement released by Ministry of Health on Saturday, it was revealed that Bad Black did not sign any form of agreement that she would be paid for the advert sensitizing women against truck drivers. 

Well, Black has issues with this, too. She says her commitment and trust towards the government was enough to bind the two parties in an agreement. 

“In a gentleman’s agreement with Government, I was supposed to be paid sh300m for my appearance in the advert, something they are now denying. They also promised me to meet President Museveni, and that he would be the one to give me this money. The only thing they gave me was an NRM shirt and a cap,” Namuyimbwa responded with rage. 

She now wants sh500m to cover the damages and time wasted for her. Short of that, in the next 14 days, Black intends to proceed to Human Rights organizations or even Commonwealth. 

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