Angry Street Children Burn 20 Kiosks in reiteration to Police Raid on their Hide out

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Street children have torched over 20 kiosks in Walukuba-Masese Division, Jinja municipality and threatened to raze down a Born-Again Church within the same area after police invaded their hideout on Monday morning.

The over 80 street children, who have sought sanctuary in the area for the past two years, accused residents of reporting them to police.

Earlier, police received reports that an influx of street children was posing a threat to residents, with some accounts suggesting that churchgoers were being waylaid and gang raped.

The District Police Commander, Mr Vincent Irama, who commanded the operation, said the area has experienced insecurity issues caused by the street children.

“We received a request from municipal council authorities to beef up security for its enforcement officers while they destroy illegal structures in the area, mostly those occupied by the street children,” Mr Irama said.

“We are not going to let people, especially those working around this place to have peace. They have reported us to police, destroyed our residences and we now have nowhere to sleep,” one of street children said, urging government to come to their rescue lest they ‘do whatever it takes to earn a living’.

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