Algerian Teachers and opposition leaders continue protests

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  ALGIERS , Algeria

Algerian Teachers and key opposition leaders have taken to the streets to continue the protests against President Abdelaziz Bouteflika. They accuse him of planning to outstay his term in office.

Bouteflika 82, abandoned his plans to seek a fifth term, but also cancelled next month’s presidential election without setting a new date.

In a statement, opposition leaders said that “At this historic, decisive moment, the Algerian opposition is at the side of the people.” And said they would call for more protests in case the President doesn’t resign.

They added that the Presidents move to delay the elections is unconstitutional and appealed for the unprecedented revolt against the ailing President.

Further, media reports reported that teachers in the capital and other cities have laid down their tools protesting outside the central post office in Algiers demanding that the President steps down, or at the latest when his current term ends next month.