AFRICA: Uganda’s former Member of Parliament Mike Mukula addresses his people about getting back to Parliament

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Former Member of Parliament for Soroti Municipality, Mike Mukula has asked people of Soroti not to force him back into politics but instead be receptive to his development agenda and that of the ruling NRM government.

“Do me a favour don’t fight the government, and remember to vote for president Museveni,” the former legislator, who is also Vice-chairperson for NRM eastern region said, adding that he is not ready for any comeback despite pleas from people.

“I said enough is enough but I will not forget you, I will serve irrespective of my being out of politics.”

Mukula was addressing staff of Princes Diana Health Centre IV and local politicians in Soroti Municipality on Sunday, as he handed over an ambulance that he had taken for repair.

He noted that the second ambulance that was grounded for being in a poor condition was also being repaired in Kampala, and would be delivered in the shortest time possible.

“It may take us over Shs40m to have it back, but it is worth it because people need services,” he explained

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