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AFRICA: Ugandans should stop blaming President Museveni for poverty, Minister Kasolo

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Speaking to various representatives of several savings groups at the launch of the presidential initiative on job and wealth creation in Wakiso district on Tuesday, Kasolo said it illogical to accuse Museveni of the rampant poverty in the country yet he has done everything possible to see people become rich.

“It can only be equated to a man having two wives and one of them produces five children, whereas the second one doesn’t produce. It is wrong for the second wife to go ahead and accuse the man of being impotent. Museveni can’t be blamed for the rampant poverty in our areas,” Kasolo said.

“How come some people have become so rich during Museveni’s time and others are so poor? Does it mean that those who have become rich don’t live in Uganda? Many of those who have become rich don’t support the current government.”

The microfinance minister explained that the mindset of many Ugandans has made them remain poor as others become rich.

According to Kasolo, whereas people hear of government programs to alleviate poverty, many ignore them


The minister also took a swipe at politicians, especially from the opposition whom he said are to blame for the high poverty levels in the country.

“For example the current program, politicians say it is for only those in the NRM yet that is not the truth. These are government programs meant to benefit everyone. Politicians should desist from misleading our people,” Kasolo noted.

He also warned politicians, against using the gullible and poor members of the public for their benefits.

“The poor people that the opposition is using for their benefit will be the same people used by another person against them(opposition) when they get to power. It is high time all politicians fight for the wellbeing of all people,” Kasolo said.

The Wakiso district Woman MP, Rosemary Sseninde warned the public against being misled by politicians whom he said are only looking for their selfish interests.

“Poverty does not discriminate anyone according to their political affiliation. Don’t listen to what those politicians tell you. Come together, irrespective of your political affiliation to benefit from government programs,” Sseninde said.

She explained that whereas the government has put in place several initiatives including Bonnabagagawale, Entandikwa, and Operation Wealth Creation, many people have continued to remain poor because of being misled by politicians.

The minister however urged Ugandans to come together in groups to save and develop themselves.

Hillary Emmanuel Musoke, the president’s Private Secretary in charge of youth, agriculture, value addition, and export promotion asked Ugandans to embrace the program.

“Whereas many other initiatives seem to have failed, this should be a success. Within the various industrial parks, we shall be skilling our people who are organized in SACCOs. After getting skills, members will then get funds to help them start working through the Emyooga initiative,” Musoke said.

About the initiative

Named Emyooga, the project is a presidential initiative aimed at supporting various groups of people to engage in job creation and income generation as part of the 2016 NRM manifesto.

The initiative will see every saving and credit cooperative organization(SACCO) get shs30 million to help members create jobs and wealth.

The government earmarked shs90 billion to benefit all SACCOs around the country for this financial year.

The initiative will benefit SACCOs for Boda boda riders, taxi drivers, restaurants, welders, market vendors, women entrepreneurs, youth leaders, people with disabilities, journalists, performing artists, veterans, fishermen, and elected leaders.

The Microfinance Support Centre is the implementing agency for the project that will be overseen by Resident District Commissioners and Chief Administrative Officers.

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