AFRICA: Uganda Police to stop using the ‘Sir’ tag for female officers.

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The police leadership has resolved to amend the standing orders and drop the ‘Sir’ tag for female officers.

They have also resolved to redesign police uniforms to address gender inequality in the force after it emerged that currently, female police officers are wearing trousers designed for men.

Police are also in the final phase of elevating deserving female police officers to top positions as the Force moves to eliminate gender inequality.

Police top management held a closed-door meeting yesterday and agreed to promote female police officers and entrust them with key management responsibilities.

Police Chief Political Commissar Asan Kasingye told Daily Monitor that they have completed the amendment of the police standing orders that were discriminatory to female police officers.

“In the police standing orders that were last amended in 1984, female police officers had to seek permission from the Inspector General of Police to get married to a civilian. A female officer was referred to as Sir. All these discriminatory sections have been removed in the amended police standing orders that will be launched next month,” Mr Kasingye said.

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