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AFRICA: After international flights ban, Tanzania moves to lift ban on hotels, companies and schools

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DODOMA – Tanzania’s President John Magufuli has announced lift on the ban on Dar es Salaam’s schools, hotels and companies after his announcement that coronavirus patients have significantly reduced in the country.

Addressing the nation in Dodoma, Magufuli mentioned that it’s not wise to restrict economic activities whereas Hospitals within the country have discharged almost all coronavirus patients after they tested negative for the deadly virus.

“The Almighty God has answered our prayers. I call upon anybody who has been touched by this crisis to utilize Friday, Saturday and Sunday and give thanks to God,” said Magufuli.

Last week, Tanzania reopened its airspace to both scheduled and non-scheduled international flights following its closure last month in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

“As long as their body temperatures don’t point to anything unusual, I will allow them to proceed and view Tanzania’s wildlife without being quarantined,” said Dr Magufuli.

“I direct the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority to inform Icao (International Civil Aviation Organisation) about the decision, and ensure that the directive is fully implemented,” he added.

Tanzania hasn’t reported any coronavirus positive cases since April 29 it’s total number of positive cases remained at 509 with 21 fatalities as of May 7.

Tanzania becomes the 1st country in East Africa to reopen its entire economy, mapping a new way in controlling Covid-19 which has infected over 5 million people worldwide and killed more than 330,000 since December 2019.

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