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AFEW HOURS FOR UGANDANS TO DECIDE: Police Ban Political Attire, Display of Campaign Materials on Polling Day

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The Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga has said they will not allow displaying of campaign symbols, verbally advocating for a specific candidate, having campaign literature, political attire such as t-shirts and caps, among other branding materials on polling day (January 14, 2021).

Enanga explained that these materials advocate for a certain candidate yet campaigning is not allowed on the voting day.

“Do not campaign at the polls because all political activities on polling day are prohibited like displaying campaign symbols, verbally advocating for a specific candidate, and having campaign literature.  In addition, wearing political attire to the polls, such as T-shirt, caps are considered campaigning.  Therefore, let us leave all the political swag at home,” police spokesperson Fred Enanga said on Tuesday.

He said the focus of the Joint Security Agencies is now on the Election Day, where all Ugandans especially voters, will make their choices.  “It is therefore, a very crucial stage of democracy, and we shall ensure eligible voters safely perform this sacred civic duty,” CP Enanga added.

According to police, there are basic rules that voters need to follow when voting, so that they do not end up breaking the Law.

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