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Activate Uganda introduces “Activate Virtual Olympic Challenge Medal”

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This year, for the first time since the Second World War, the Olympics will not be held on the normal schedule (leap year) due to the COVID-19 virus. 

Activate Uganda said that it realized that people will be disappointed by not being able to see the pinnacle of world athletics so it has come up with our own Olympic challenge for you.

So bring on your “Best Performance” to earn an “Activate Virtual Olympic Challenge Medal”. This is your chance to become Activate Uganda Olympian!

Activate Uganda will be catering for a range of events encompassing Running/Walking and Cycling.     

As the Olympics is a multi-day event, Activate Uganda will be holding the Challenge over 3 days (29 – 31 May). 

No qualifying times are required as they are in the Olympics, but the programme is:

  • Limited to maximum total of 6 hours of competition per athlete over 3 days.
  • The minimum single distance submitted cannot be less than 3 km for runners/walkers and 10km for cyclists.

Competitors can submit one or more individual runs/walks/rides across the categories. We will also total the submissions over the 3 days.  For example, a person who runs or walks 5 km on Day 1, 10 km on day 2 and 5 km on day 3 will be entered for a combined total of 20km (total cannot exceed 6 hours).


Activate Uganda said that it will be looking for the best performances over each of the recognized distances. Distances submitted that exceed the recognized distance will be calculated to “fit” the closest category based on average time (downwards only e.g. 11 km will be considered for a 10km time).


  • Activate Uganda Virtual Olympic Challenge Medals will be awarded to all competitors completing at least one of the events within the 3 days.
  • Certificates will be award as follows:

Entrants 15 years and younger are regarded as Juniors. Minimum age 7 years.


Entries will be accepted up to 28 May. 


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