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A renowned Ugandan photojournalist arrested in Rwanda

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Ugandan photojournalist Tony Babara commonly known as Natty Dread is held up behind bars in Rwanda after being arrested by the authorities.

He was arrested last month on Valentine’s Day (14th February) in the capital Kigali.
Natty has been behind bars since February 14. He is said to have traveled to Kigali for a concert by Caribbean legendary Zouk band Kassav on Valentine’s Day.

Kassav, is considered the most famous in the history of the Zouk music genre.
The group performed at The Kigali Conventional Centre with first lady, Janneatte Kagame in attendance.

 “Natty Dread was arrested on February 14 on drug-related offenses. His file is with the prosecution and you can contact them for more information,” said Michelle Umuhoza, Rwanda’s Investigations Bureau spokesperson

“Yes, he (Natty Dread) is in custody here in Rwanda. However, I cannot offer more details. His file was sent to the prosecution, you should be able to get everything you want to know there,” Ms. Umuhoza told us.

Ms. Michelle Umuhoza

She further revealed the Ugandan embassy in Rwanda had been informed.

The relations between Rwanda and Uganda have been rocky for a year or so now. The two countries have for long been accusing each other of different things, among them, unlawful arrests. Last month, the countries signed an extradition treaty at the Gatuna border.

Speculation was that Natty could have been arrested after an altercation with the first lady’s presidential guards who were on duty on the night.

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