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Ugandan Health Ministry official promises to tighten quarantine measures to all foreigners in the wake of Covid-19

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Entebbe International Airport.

Emmanuel Ainebyona, the Spokesperson of the Health Ministry has today revealed that the government has identified alternative hotels that will charge $55 (about Shs210000) per day.

The ministry of health officials at the Entebbe International Airport found a hard time with the travelers for the cost of the recommended quarantine hotel. Travelers said officials were ‘forcing’ them to be quarantined at Central Inn in Entebbe charging them about $100 (shs.380,000)

Ainebyona said for those who cannot afford that, the Ministry has no solution but only to send them back to wherever they came from.

Entebbe international airport

“If one is not willing to go under institutional quarantine, they have two options. If they have no money, they can buy a ticket and head to another destination or pay $55 at self-quarantine hotels”

Mr. Ainembyona cautioned that they can’t put the lives of more than 42 million Ugandans at stake and promised not to retardate in the pressure inserted onto the travelers entering Uganda.

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