The Police are investigating the drowning of Ntanda Owen (a boat Sailor) in lake Victoria

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Police in Kabalagala are investigating a case of drowning that happened at Gaba landing site, Makindye division, Kampala District.
The incident happened on 09 Jul 24 at around 1745 hours. The deceased was identified as Ntanda Owen aged 18 years, a boat Sailor on lake Victoria.It is alleged that on 09Jul 24 in the evening hours,  Ntanda and his colleagues left the  landing site and went to beach house. They parked their boat and began swimming as a way of spending leisure time and in the process, he drown. Police of Gaba  was notified and they responded immediately. Police in Gaba then alerted Marine Police who also responded and started a search and rescue mission. The body has not yet been recovered.
Police Marines and the community are facing a challenge of bad weather due to heavy rains that is hampering the rescue mission.
P. Onyango

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