The team from Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) Successful Completion of Pakwach Bridge Dredging Operation

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The team from Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) have successfully completed the dredging exercise around Pakwach Bridge. They bravely cleared the massive floating vegetation that had surrounded the bridge, facing strong currents of the River Nile and the presence of reptiles and animals.

In late May 2024, a thick floating island measuring over seven acres blocked two and a half spans of the bridge, leaving only half a bridge span operational. This obstruction caused a significant increase in water flow beneath the bridge, particularly through the half span that remained unobstructed by the island. This situation necessitated an urgent dredging operation to protect the structural integrity of the bridge.

Despite these challenging conditions, the teams completed the dredging operation successfully, ensuring the safety and stability of Pakwach Bridge for all users. The effort has restored full functionality to the bridge, securing a critical transportation link in the region.

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