President Museveni has signed the Appropriation Bill, 2024 (reconsidered) into law.

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“The President assented to the bill today, Thursday, 4th July 2024,” said the Presidential Press Unit (PPU).

The development marks the end of a protracted battle between the executive and legislature over the budget for the financial year 2024/25.

Parliament recently re-allocated Shs750 billion after revisiting the Bill which President Museveni objected to assent to.

In the 2024/2025 Budget passed earlier, legislators had allocated the Shs750 billion to areas that they described as critical.

These included among others procurement of ambulances, maintenance of bridges, construction of sub-county headquarters and support to families with income generating projects among others.

At a sitting of the House on Tuesday, 02 July 2024, the Speaker Anita Among read the President’s letter which highlighted the reasons for his rejection of the bill.

Museveni cited what he described as indiscipline in budgeting, sabotage of national priorities and corruption among lawmakers.

However, Kira Municipality Member of Parliament Ssemujju Nganda, who doubles as the shadow minister for finance, has accused President Museveni of trying to usurp the appropriation powers of Parliament.

“The real reason why the President is returning the bill isn’t because so much damage has been done to the budget, but because he wants to take away the power of appropriation powers from MPs,” he said. 

The Bill, which initially sought to authorise public expenditure from the Consolidated Fund was first passed on 16 May, 2024 and later, sent to the President for approval on 31 May 2024.

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