Riot police fired Tear gas as protesters across Kenya say ‘Ruto must go!’

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Kenyan riot police fired tear gas at protesters in Nairobi on Tuesday and demonstrations eruptedin other cities across the country demanding the resignation of President William Ruto, following a week of deadly clashes in anti-tax protests.

Clouds of tear gas wafted over downtown Nairobi after protesters set fires on Waiyaki Way, the main road running through the centre of the capital and threw stones at police in the central business district.

Protesters drop empty coffins along Moi Avenue near Jevanjee Gardens

Outside the capital, hundreds of protesters marched in an ebullient mood through Mombasa, Kenya’s second-largest city, on the Indian Ocean coast. They carried palm fronds, blew on plastic horns and beat on drums, chanting “Ruto must go!”

Several cars have been burnt in Mombasa. This comes as Tuesday protests continue in various parts of the country.

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