JUST IN; Police have heavily deployed at Parliament ahead of today’s plenary session,

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Police have heavily deployed at Parliament ahead of today’s plenary session, which was abruptly called to finalise the Appropriation Bill.

The Clerk to Parliament cancelled a month-long recess for members of parliament after President Museveni decline to sign the Bill and returned it to Parliament.

The legislators are expected to fix anomalies created during the Budget Processing where Shs750 billion was reallocated to different entities with the knowledge of the Ministry of Finance.

President Museveni in a letter communicated to Speaker Anita Among said he would not sign the Appropriation Bill after discovering the anomalies and directed a redistribution of the monies to the recipient votes.

The financial year started on Monday, July 1, and the recall of the August House is to ensure that the Bill is finalised and approved to allow for a smooth

It was not immediately clear why security had taken the drastic deployment measure but sources say it could be surrounding the events which happened last week in Nairobi where the citizens invaded Kenya’s parliament protesting passing of the finance bill.

Parliament has also suspended all committee meetings and Opposition Whip John Baptist Nambeshe’s scheduled meeting with a delegation from the Young Democratic Union of Africa is also affected.

The deployment is around Nile Avenue roundabout, National Theatre and main gate of Parliament.

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