Breaking. Protestor Dies On The Spot After Swinging on a Moving Lorry

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A protestor died on the spot on Tuesday, July 2, after he fell from a moving lorry along the Mombasa-Nairobi Highway.

Reports indicate that the protestor was swinging on the lorry which was trying to pass a blockade in Emali at Makueni County.

As the lorry manoeuvred the blocks, the protestor fell and was run over, dying on the spot.

His body was taken to a hospital in Emali Town where he was pronounced dead.

Demonstrations in Emali Makueni County on July 2, 2024
Demonstrations in Emali Makueni County on July 2, 2024

The protests in Emali which started around 10 am paralysed transport on the busy highway for most parts of the day.

Anti-government protestors first blocked motorists from using the Nairobi-Mombasa Highway by using stones and twigs.

Police officers responded to the scene where they engaged the youthful protesters leading to running battles.

Escalating the incident, the protestors set rubber tyres on the highway completely paralysing the road that connects Kenya’s biggest two cities.

With the death of the protestor, the situation has calmed a bit in Emali with most demonstrators reeling from the tragedy.

The Tuesday protests which have taken part in most parts of the country have been characterised by lawlessness and wanton looting.

In Mombasa, protestors were reported to have torched several vehicles after three protestors were shot.

A circulating video showed the possibility that the protestors were shot by a private citizen.

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