The Arab League has removed Hezbollah from the list of Terrorist organizations.

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The Arab League’s Assistant Secretary General, Hossam Zaki, has announced that the league has ceased referring to Hezbollah as a “terrorist organization”.

After the Lebanese Hezbollah Resistance Movement took action against the Zionist regime during Operation Al-Aqsa Storm, the Arab League announced that it no longer considers Hezbollah a “terrorist group”, Al Jazeera reported on Saturday.

In a televised statement upon his return from Lebanon, Zaki said, “In previous Arab League decisions, Hezbollah was designated as a terrorist organization, and this designation was reflected in the resolutions, leading to the severing of communication based on these decisions.”

“The member states of the League agreed that the label of Hezbollah as a terrorist organization should no longer be employed,” he added.

Also, he announced that the conditions for establishing relations between the Arab League member states and Hezbollah have been met.

On March 11, 2016, the Arab League classified Hezbollah as a “terrorist organization”. The move came after pressures from the Western states that are allies of the Zionist regime of Israel.

The removing Hezbollah from the terror list of Arab League came after the Lebanese popular movement bravely conducted regular attacks against the Zionist regime in a bid to pressure the regime to stop its genocidal war in Gaza against Palestinians, something that has warmly been admired in the Arab world.

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