Uganda Wildlife Authority Launches Advanced Online Booking System

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The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has launched an advanced online booking system for tour operators, enhancing the management of reservations for gorilla tracking and other wildlife attractions. Announced by Business Development Director Stephen Sanyi Masaba, this new system aims to improve efficiency and streamline the booking and payment process.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has unveiled a cutting-edge online booking system for tour operators. This new system marks a substantial improvement in the management and delivery of reservations for gorilla tracking and other wildlife attractions in Uganda’s protected areas.

This initiative underscores UWA’s commitment to sustainability and the adoption of technology to enhance its mission of economically managing and protecting wildlife and conservation areas.

The announcement was made by Stephen Sanyi Masaba, UWA’s Director of Business Development, during an online Zoom meeting held on June 19, 2024. The meeting was attended by 180 tour operators and featured a technical team from UWA, led by Director of Finance and Administration Jimmy Mugisa, and Michael Nyererere, ICT Operations & FinTech Manager at KAPS (U) Ltd, the developers of the system.

Masaba acknowledged the challenges faced but expressed confidence in the new system’s ability to streamline operations from booking to auditing, enhancing e-commerce and overall business efficiency. He highlighted the collaboration over the past year with KAPS (U) Ltd to develop this booking and revenue collection system, which promises to significantly ease the process of booking and paying for UWA’s products and services.This development is a major step forward in UWA’s efforts to provide a seamless and efficient experience for tourists and tour operators alike.Background
Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA)is a statutory body established by the Uganda Wildlife Act 2000. It became operational in August 1996 after the merger of the then Game Department with the Uganda National Parks.
Mandate and Mission

UWA’s mandate is stated as:

1. Management and conservation of wildlife in Uganda, both in and outside the wildlife protected areas (PAs) i.e. National Parks, Wildlife Reserves and Wildlife Sanctuaries.
2. Promoting public participation in wildlife management using mechanism such as wildlife use rights, as a means of eradicating poverty, through community conservation programs, and promoting wildlife as a form of land use.
  3. Ensuring the protection of rare, endangered and endemic species of wild plants and animals, through provision of appropriate wildlife policies, management plans and promotion of wildlife management best practices.
4. Ensuring timely and appropriate response to reported problem animals, in collaboration with the concerned communities and respective local authorities.
  5. Enhancing economic benefits from wildlife management through promotion of tourism.
   6. Implementing relevant international treaties, conventions, agreements or other arrangements to which Uganda is a party.
In line with the mandate, UWA’s MISSION is:
“To conserve and sustainably manage the wildlife and the protected areas of Uganda in partnership with neighbouring communities and other stakeholders, for the benefit of the people of Uganda and the global community”. The motto of “We Conserve for Generations” has been adopted.
UWA is responsible for the management of 10 National Parks, 12 Wildlife Reserves and 7 Wildlife Sanctuaries and provides guidance over the management of 5 Community Wildlife Areas.

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