Uganda Celebrates 13th Africa Public Service Day with Emphasis on Citizen-Centered and Inclusive Governance

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Uganda celebrated the 13th edition of Africa Public Service Day on June 27 at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds under the theme “Empowering a Citizen-Centered Public Service for an Inclusive and Thriving 21st Century Africa.”

President Yoweri Museveni, represented by Vice President Jessica Alupo as the chief guest, emphasized the importance of public service in Uganda.

In his speech, delivered by Alupo, President Museveni recognized both the challenges and achievements in this sector.

He pointed out the significant enhancements in service delivery due to the automation of services across various government bodies, which has made them more responsive to their clients.

Museveni emphasized that the NRM government is a result of the people’s struggle, with all public sector reforms aimed at ensuring accessibility and affordability of services for the common citizen.

“We must stop working in cliques and adhere to our service delivery standards,” he declared. “It’s crucial to reduce barriers to accessing services, decentralize resources to the community level, review business processes regularly, and automate all services. By doing this, we will ensure continued steady growth.”

The celebrations featured various activities such as blood donation drives, a sports gala, cleaning of Parliament Avenue, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives like the construction of a perimeter wall at Shimon Demonstration School by State House.

Additionally, various government entities showcased their services at the grounds while local governments held open days.

The Minister of State for Public Service, Grace Mugasa, and the Principal Judge, the Head of Public Service and Secretary to the Cabinet, Lucy Nakyobe, along with Permanent Secretaries, were also in attendance.

Nakyobe emphasized that public service is the backbone of any nation, translating government policies into action. She noted that service delivery across sectors has improved significantly, with digital adoption being a major game-changer.

She acknowledged the ongoing challenge of corruption and impunity, calling for a rigorous fight against these issues to further improve service delivery.

“Public service is at the heart of our social contract,” Nakyobe said. “We must listen to the voices of the people and respond to their needs. Empowering our public service to be more inclusive and citizen-centric is essential.”

Catherine Bitarakwate, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Service, reiterated that the government exists to serve the people and enhance citizens’ overall well-being.

She urged all government institutions to implement public service reforms in line with the day’s theme, focusing on customer care, building partnerships, automating services, cutting unnecessary delays, and promoting the one-stop center concept and staff welfare.

Bitarakwate also called for the revival of barazas to ensure accountability and citizen engagement.

KCCA staff, led by Executive Director Dorothy Kisaka, marched from City Square to Kololo and exhibited various services offered by the authority, including urban farming methods and online services, reflecting KCCA’s dedication to innovation and efficiency in service delivery.

In her remarks, Kisaka highlighted several key areas of emphasis for KCCA: continuing the fight against corruption, ensuring quick service delivery in health facilities, roads, and markets, eliminating the culture of working in cliques, increasing the use of digital solutions and enhancing connectivity with citizens, and promoting the establishment of one-stop centers.

The celebration concluded with a reaffirmation of the commitment to building a people-centric, inclusive, and technologically advanced public service for the betterment of all citizens.

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