Su-57 absent from Moscow skies for a second consecutive year

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Russian authorities have once again canceled the Moscow MAKS airshow, rescheduling it to 2025. Initially set for the end of July 2024, MAKS is known for showcasing the Russian Air Force’s weaponry, including the Su-30Su-35, and Su-57 fighter jets. This marks the second consecutive cancellation, as MAKS did not take place last year either, as reported by

Traditionally held biennially at Ramenskoye Airport, the event was supposed to make a comeback in 2023 following the onset of the Ukrainian conflict. However, it was called off with hopes of happening this year.

Aviasalon, the event’s organizer, officially announced that the airshow “will not take place” this year based on a decision by the Russian government. The postponement was attributed to the “need to comply with additional security measures” related to war zones, which could “inconvenience” participants and attendees.

10+ Russian Su-30s began tactical rehearsals over Kaliningrad - Su-30SM
Photo credit: Twitter

The airplane attraction

However, Aviasalon notes that a major draw of the show is the flight program of combat aircraft. The decision accounts for the “inexpediency” of diverting the Russian Air Force’s technical resources and personnel from their primary tasks. The 16th edition of the event is “scheduled for summer 2025.”

The airshow continues to collaborate with potential exhibitors and partners, working diligently to maintain the event’s infrastructure and keep it in top condition. “Without a doubt, in terms of the number of new products and features, MAKS 2025 will be one of the most thrilling events of the decade,” it adds.

Russia faces hurdles in expanding Su-35 sales on global arms market
Photo credit: Zona Jakarta

About the Air Show

The Moscow Air Show, commonly referred to as MAKS [Mezhdunarodny Aviatsionno-Kosmicheskiy Salon], is a premier international aviation and space exhibition held biennially at Zhukovsky International Airport, located near Moscow, Russia. Established in 1993, MAKS serves as a platform for showcasing Russia’s advancements in aerospace technology and provides an opportunity for international aerospace companies to exhibit their latest innovations.

MAKS features a wide array of technologies, including military and civilian aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles [UAVs], and space exploration equipment. The exhibition also highlights advancements in avionics, propulsion systems, radar and communication technologies, and various aerospace components. Companies from around the world participate to display cutting-edge technologies, engage in business negotiations, and establish partnerships.

Vympel R-77 missiles disrupt the stealth of the Russian Su-57
Photo by Artyom Anikeev

One of the most captivating aspects of MAKS is the aerial demonstrations, where skilled pilots perform complex maneuvers and aerobatic displays. These performances often include high-G turns, loops, barrel rolls, and the famous ‘Cobra’ maneuver, where an aircraft suddenly raises its nose to a vertical position before returning to level flight. Such maneuvers showcase the agility, power, and advanced capabilities of the aircraft on display.

In addition to individual aircraft performances, MAKS often features synchronized aerobatic displays by renowned teams such as the Russian Knights and the Swifts. These teams execute intricate formations and coordinated maneuvers, demonstrating precision flying and teamwork. The aerial displays are a highlight of the show, drawing large crowds and providing a spectacular visual experience.

MAKS is not only a showcase for technology but also a forum for discussion and collaboration. It includes conferences, seminars, and roundtable discussions where industry experts, engineers, and policymakers discuss the latest trends, challenges, and future directions in aerospace technology. This aspect of the show fosters innovation and international cooperation in the aerospace sector.



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