Uganda’s population now 45,935,046 people, up from 34.6 million counted in 2014

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Uganda’s population is now 45.9 million people, up from 34.6 million counted in 2014. This, according to Ubos, means that the population increased by 11.3 million people in the last 10 years. The figure includes 780, 061 refugees who were found and counted in Uganda on census night.

Women also constitute 51% of the population while the elderly (those above 60 years) are 5% which is 2.3 million.

Dr Chris Mukiza, the executive director of UBOS said they encountered a number of challenges.

He said there is a cult in Mayuge which calls itself Njiri Nkalu, whose followers declined to be counted.

“They said they were counted by God and that they cannot be counted by earthly people,” Mukiza said.

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