Somalia joins as the 6th country to establish a Multistakeholder Platform

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  • Somalia launches its Multi-Stakeholder Platform (MSP) to revitalize the feed and fodder sector, aiming to improve productivity, sustainability, and economic opportunities amidst environmental challenges and fragmented supply chains.

KAMPALA, Uganda, 27 June 2024 – Somalia has taken a significant step forward in agricultural development by introducing its Multi-Stakeholder Platform (MSP) aimed at revitalizing the feed and fodder sector. This initiative marks Somalia as the sixth African Union member state to establish an MSP, following the lead of Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Cameroon, and Zimbabwe. The MSP initiative addresses pressing challenges such as high animal feeding costs and fragmented supply chains exacerbated by conflicts over grazing lands.

Somalia’s harsh, arid environment and unpredictable rainfall patterns, intensified by climate change, pose substantial obstacles to livestock productivity. These challenges underscore the urgent need for enhanced rangeland management practices to ensure sustainable agriculture.

The MSP will foster collaboration among government agencies, private enterprises, academia, and civil society to bolster sectoral resilience and productivity. Key goals include promoting sustainable practices, enhancing food security, and creating economic opportunities, particularly for women and youth.

To support these objectives, stakeholders are encouraged to prioritize investments in infrastructure, research, and development, alongside robust data collection and policy formulation. Embracing technological innovations and sustainable farming practices is crucial as Somalia seeks to modernize its livestock sector and achieve long-term growth.

For the latest updates and deeper insights into Somalia’s MSP and its implications for regional agriculture, follow official communications from the African Union and World Bank.

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