Nyege Nyege Festival Organisers Distance Themselves from Kenyan Event with Same Name: “Don’t Be Confused”

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Organisers of the Nyege Nyege Festival in Uganda clarify that they have no affiliation with the newly introduced Kenyan edition The Kenyan edition organisers had urged media and event promoters to refer to their festival as “Nyege Nyege Kenyan Edition” to avoid confusion The Ugandan organisers embraced competition from new festivals, viewing it as a compliment and an opportunity to further improve their renowned event PAY . Nyege Nyege Festival organisers in Uganda have distanced themselves from the recently-unveiled Kenyan event that shares the same name. Partygoers having fun at one of Nyege Nyege Festival editions in Uganda. Photo: Nyege Nyege Festival Uganda. Source: Facebook Nyege Nyege Kenyan edition It should be noted that the Kenyan edition organisers clarified that their event is separate and has no affiliation with the Ugandan festival.

In a tweet, they urged the media and event promoters to refer to the Kenyan version as “Nyege Nyege Kenyan Edition” to avoid confusion.


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