Paul MacKenzie’s Wife Arrested From Hide Out Over Links to Shakahola Cult

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Rhoda Mumbua Maweu was flushed out of her alleged hideout in Mtwapa alongside her aunt on Monday, May 1, night The police reportedly found incriminating correspondence on the phone between her and her husband, Paul Mackenzie Mumbua was allegedly involved in the recruitment of new members into the cult and might have had control over sensitive financial information  The wife of controversial preacher Paul Mackenzie has been arrested as police intensify probe into his activities. Paul Mackenzie during a court session after his arrest. Photo: Nicholaz. Source: Twitter Mackenzie is accused of convincing his church members to starve to death as a requisite to meeting Jesus Christ. According to Nation, Rhoda Mumbua Maweu was smoked out of her suspected hideout in Mtwapa alongside her aunt on Monday, May 1 night. The security apparatus has identified Mumbua as an integral church member after her name came up during investigations.  Ezekiel Odero Followers Hold Emotional Prayers Outside Court Ahead of His B. She had been assigned as the church’s human resource manager, and the police were interested in her role in the church that has now been branded a cult. Incriminating texts with Mackenzie The detectives from DCI have got evidence that has given them the belief that she was integral in the administration of the church and played a role in the radical teachings shared in the church. Police have reportedly gone through Mackenzie’s phone records and found damning messages between him and his wife. They claimed that Mumbua was involved in recruiting new members into the cult and might have had control over sensitive financial information. Mumbua is Mackenzie’s third wife after the first wife died in 2009, leaving behind two children and the second in 2017, leaving four children. Mackenzie’s ex-follower reveals fasting schedule  Warns Its Citizens against Visiting Kibra, 7 Other City Estates Ahe… In other news, Mackenzie’s former follower shared a glimpse of the controversial activities of the embattled preacher. Titus Katana, who used to worship with Mackenzie, said he left the Good News International Church after the controversial preacher introduced new restrictions. “It came to a point where too many laws were introduced in that church. For example, asking women not to braid their hair, (saying) people should not go to hospital, people should not go to school,” Katana said, as reported by Nation. Katana said things became worse after another church member disclosed to him plans by Mackenzie to force his flock to starve to death for them to find God. He said the devotees were required to sell their property, houses, and factories to go to the Shakahola forest to wait for Jesus. According to the fasting schedule allegedly drafted by Mackenzie, children were required to fast first, followed by single people, with the pastor’s family being the last group to fast.


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