KCCA’s ED Dorothy Kisaka explains how cleaning the City is done under the Smart City Campaign

Seven Hills, comprise largely  reformed young men and women who used to loiter the streets with no gainful employement. With the support of KCCA, these young people reorganised and have taken on meaningful work in city. During the covid period, KCCA formed them into cleaning  gangs under the Smart City Campaign. Their job was to unblock drainages at all the dark spots in the city. Under the supervision of the waste solid management team, they worked day and night with boundless energy and responded to every crisis in the city during the lockdown. They were called upon where there were floods, fallen trees and buildings and they responded. With time, they organised themselves into a small scale organisation known as Seven Hills and created SACCOS to empower their members to save. Right now these hitherto unemployed youth have proper identification with bank accounts. Thus, Seven Hills is seen as a threat to the old SACCOS.

Fortunately, KCCA has enough work for all cleaning teams


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