Is Corruption in Joel Senyonyi’s COSASE?

In the parliament of uganda  sitting yesterday 19th Jan 202r, Fort-portal Central MP Alex Ruhunda disclosed to the House about the increasing corruption in the Parliamentary committee on Cosase.

Mp Rukundo shocked members of parliament when he revealed that COSASE team is in the house for business transactions than investigations.
Ruhunda also revealed how some mafia are now targeting committee leadership especially that of COSASE to kill auditor General’s report that have been processed by the committee.
The legislators however challenged the MP to provide evidence to his claims.
Some legislators also questioned the criteria used in choosing the leadership of the different committees of Parliament.
Our reliable sources have also informed us that Hon. Ssenyonyi, the chairperson of COSASE has much interest in the Uganda Airline case because the CEO of the airline never gave the committee “kitu kidogo”.



At one point one could easily ask him or herself why Hon. Ssenyonyi would be so angry and bitter after the speaker dumping #COSASE report on uganda Airline.
The Speaker of Parliament Anita Among  has revealed that the Parliamentary Committee on Commissions, State Authorities and State Enterprises has been the worst accountability committee in the House.
According to the Speaker, out of the 111 reports that were supposed to be produced  by COSASE, only 4 have been presented before the House making it the worst performing committee in the House.
The issues surrounding performance of the Parliamentary committee on Commissions, State Authorities and State Enterprises continue to generate serious discussion in the House.
The Speaker said that it’s unfortunate that out of the 111 reports COSASE was supposed to process, its only only processed 4 reports.


The speaker has now directed that all the remaining reports will be adopted by the House meaning COSASE will have no business in the House until the new reports from the Auditor are presented.


Efforts to have the Chairperson of COSASE Joel Ssenyonyi to have a comment in the House was turned with some legislators arguing he came in late in the House.

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