Fifa announced a sanction against Argentina and expelled one of its members

Much commotion has been unleashed by the reaction that Argentina had in qualifying for the semifinal of the Qatar 2022 World Cup by leaving the Netherlands on the road in the penalty shootout. Several players, including Lionel Messi, provoked their rivals and several confrontations broke out on the pitch that ended in a sports scandal.

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even his own Messi He appeared on a recording insulting a player from the Netherlands who wanted to rebuke him. “What are you looking at, silly, go there, silly”the Argentine told his rival in a video that went around the world.

Due to these facts, the Fifa decided to open a disciplinary process against the two federations for the embarrassing scenes left on the playing field. In the videos it can be seen that there were fights, shoving, recriminations to the referee and disputes between players from Argentina and the coaching staff from the Netherlands.

“The Fifa Disciplinary Committee has opened files against the Argentine Football Association for potential violations of articles 12 (misconduct by players and coaching staff) and 16 (order and security in matches)”, was what the highest soccer body stated in a statement.

Well, this Monday, December 12, the sanction that Fifa applied to Argentina and it was against a member of the delegation, who was the first named. This is the Argentine ‘streamer’ and ‘influencer’ ‘Momo’, who broke the news that He will not continue to be the voice of the stadium when the ‘Albiceleste’ cast plays. Furthermore, he was kicked out of the tournament.

The decision was made following a video in which ‘Momo’ appears next to the pitch celebrating Argentina’s classification. In the recording you can see how the ‘influencer’ launches strong accusations against Fifa for the way in which, according to him, the team was affected.

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