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Expose Abductors-Speaker Among Tells PM


Speaker Anita Among during yesterday’s afternoon sitting, Thursday 8 September 2022 directed that the country wide abductions be investigated.

This followed concerns raised by MPs who decry the dubious and suspicious means by which Ugandan citizens are being abducted and their whereabouts not known.

The issue raised as  a matter of  National Importance received overwhelming support by other members of the House.

“One thing we need to know is who is abducting Ugandans. This is a very serious matter”, Among asked

“We need to come out clean and expose those doing this crime, because some people might think it’s government when it’s not”. she added

She directed the Prime Minister to bring the criminals to book.

The Speaker also implored the House to be vested in security issues, emphasizing that the abductions on innocent Ugandans was incomprehensible.

“Will we even be able to walk to the gate?

We need to feel safe as Ugandans. One day it’s someone and another it’s you. This is terrible”, she expressed.

Reports of rampant abductions have been going on with many citizens blaming government security agents for being the perpetrators.



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