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Ex-Presidential Candidate John Katumba Arrested in Kampala


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KAMPALA, UGANDA: Police in Kampala have arrested former presidential candidate John Katumba for reportedly holding an illegal assembly in down town Kampala.

Katumba commonly known for his slang ‘Oyeee’ was picked up on Tuesday afternoon at Ben Kiwanuka William street in Kampala trying to incite the public to join in his fight against inflation and skyrocketing prices of various commodities.

Using a Megaphone speaker, Katumba paraded himself on the street accusing the government of failing to solve the economic crisis, most especially as school resumes.

He stated that both parents and learners are stuck because of rising costs of scholastic materials and other budgetary expenses, and implored the public to know their rights and demand for what is good for them so that their lives can improve.

Just minutes after he started his escapade, police officers arrived at the scene and grabbed him like a chicken thief before whisking him off to the Central Police Station on charges of being a public nuisance.

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According to Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango, Katumba and his brother who has been working as a camera man are both detained at CPS in Kampala pending charges of incitement of violence and public nuisance.

In January 2022, Katumba wrote to the Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola, seeking permission to lead a protest over increased commodity prices.

In his letter, Katumba noted that it is the constitutional right of Ugandans to hold peaceful assemblies over national concerns. The letter that was received by the IGP was also copied to various ministries of Defense, internal affairs, Health and Energy.



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