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The Rwabwogos celebrate 20 years in marriage


I joined Mr and Mrs Odrek Rwabwogo as they celebrated their 20th marriage anniversary in Kiruhura District. I congratulate and thank them for being patient with each other. I also commend them for developing their home village and ask them to add more value to the area’s growth-President Yoweri Museveni

“I am very happy that Odrek and Patience have brought us here to celebrate their 20 years in marriage. I congratulate them. Thank you for being patient, and faithful to each other the twenty years you have been together.”

President Museveni revealed that his daughter Patience was a very peaceful child since childhood. He commended the couple for developing their home village and advised them to add more value in the development of the area.



“Thank you for adding value to what God gave us and bringing development to this village. When I was coming, I saw cows eating nothing. Please grow more grass for them,” H.E Museveni, an ardent cattle farmer, said.

He concluded; “I want to thank God for giving me a family, children and grand children when I was unstable. I thank God for giving us a pastor in our family in the name of Pr. Patience Rwabwogo”.

The First Lady, Hon. Janet Kataha Museveni, thanked God for giving her family and the entire Uganda unending blessings. She said that God has blessed Uganda and its people.

“We came here to thank God. God has been so good to our family. We thank you all friends of Patience and Odrek for coming to celebrate with them. We thank God that He has kept you together for the last 20 years,” she said.

Mama Janet said God has been faithful to Uganda and this is evident with the peace and stability that exists that can let people go about their duties freely.



“Today, these children have given us the opportunity to thank God. We thank God for the 20 years of life and good health for Patience and Odrek,” Mama Janet said.

While giving his summon, Bishop Lwere, the General Overseer of the National Alliance of Pentecostal and Evangelical Churches in Uganda thanked President Museveni and the First Lady Janet for making time and effort to come and celebrate with their children their 20th wedding anniversary.

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“Thank you Mzee and Maama for making the effort to come and be with us. I also congratulate Odrek and Patience for making 20 years in marriage. It is not easy,” Bishop Lwere said.

Bishop Lwere said marriage is an important factor in every one’s life and so married couples must respect and protect each other.

“Through marriage, human beings continue to multiply. Marriage is very important to God. When you join each other in marriage you become one flesh,” the bishop said.

He encouraged believers and married couples to always put their challenges in the hands of God and never to argue as a way of solving problems.

“Every time you have a challenge, present it to the Lord, but don’t argue it out between yourselves.”

He further commended the President and First Lady for good parenting of their children.

“In you, we have good examples of good parenting. You have raised your children who are humble, who fear God and who are respectful”.

Bishop Lwere, thereafter, performed a function where Patience and Odrek renewed their marriage vows and covenant with each other and with God.

In her speech, Patience, who is the lead Pastor at Covenant Nations Church together with her husband, Odrek, thanked God for keeping them together for the last two decades and giving them children.

They thanked their parents, President Museveni and Mama Janet, together with their entire family and friends for honouring their invitation to celebrate with them.

Pomp and Glamour as Rwabwogo, Patience Museveni celebrate 20th marriage anniversary (PHOTOS) – Daily Express News




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