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MPs Kwizera, Orone take oath after by-elections


Members of Parliament, Eddie Kwizera and Derrick Orone who both went through a by-election on 11 August 2022 have been sworn.

Orone representing Gogonyo County defeated his rival Joseph Okoboi Opolot of the National Unity Platform party.

The by-election had attracted three candidates but two of the candidates who were nominated to contest announced that they had withdrawn from the race.

The Court of Appeal ruled that Orone was irregularly elected in 2021 following a petition by his rival, Taligola Bantalib.

Orone (holding Bible) takes oath following his re-election

On the other hand, NRM’s Eddie Kwizera Wa-Gahungu went through the by-election and bounced back to parliament after he defeated his main challenger, Asgario Turyagyenda in the Bukimbiri County by-elections.

The Court of Appeal in June 2022 nullified the election of Eddie Kwizera Wa-Gahungu and declared the Bukimbiri County parliamentary seat vacant following an application filed by James Owebeyi indicating that the 2021 election was manipulated.

Deputy Speaker Tayebwa welcomed the legislators back and asked them to be cordial and willing to work with everyone.
“Learn to let go of the past; bury the hatchets and be ready to work together with even those who may have led to your by-elections,” he added.



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