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Speaker Among guides on Committee leadership change


Parliament, 3rd August – Speaker of Parliament Anita Among has guided on the proposed leadership changes in Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee – Local Government.

Chief Opposition Whip Hon John Baptist Nambeshe had shuffled the Committee leadership, replacing Bardege Layibi West Constituiency MP Martin Ojara Mapenduzi with his Kilak South counterpart Gilbert Olanya.


‘’Honourable members, I received a letter from the Chief Opposition Whip re-designating the Chairperson of the Public Accounts Committee (Local Government) and replacing him with Hon. Gilbert Olanyah, pursuant to rule 196 of the Rules of Procedure.’’ She observed in her communication to the house this afternoon.

She added: “However, we need to address our minds to the precedent set in PAC (COSASE) in the last Parliament when a similar attempt to change it’s leadership was stayed pending finalization of their on the inquiry into the closure of banks. ‘’


She further guided that redesignation will only be by way of a formal Motion for redesignation ,and the motion will be subjected to the approval of the House,with the quorum of one-third of voting Members as prescribed in Rule 24.



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