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Ugandan Government has banned Performances from mainstream Musicians in Schools following Complaints relating to bad behaviour


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Faced with concerns over morality, govt has banned musicians from performing in schools – Plugged Uganda (

The State Minister of Mineral Development of Uganda, Hon. Sarah Achieng Opendi, wants music performances should be banned from schools.

On 14th July, the Uganda parliament discussed the growing habit of having unguided music concerts in schools.

In her submission, Hon. Sarah Opendi revealed that musicians often perform in skimpy dresses and dance suggestively when they visit these schools.

She noted that some wear really skimpily and it is morally wrong for the students and affects their mental wellbeing.

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She further cautioned that the dress code of such artists and their raunchy performances is shameful yet the students look at them as their role models.

She hence asked the government to stop musicians from accessing schools for these concerts to avoid some artists who “go there almost naked.”

“Parents bring their children to learn morals and values. You cannot pull off those dances we see musicians do in school. It is very unfortunate that we have witnessed videos of nursery children dancing the same moves,” Mrs. Opendi noted.

The MP then advised artists to always be cautious of how they operate around kids and to do music that entertains but also educates them.

Why Hon Sarah Opendi wants music concerts in schools banned (



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