French journalist killed in Ukraine

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A French journalist, Frederic Leclerc-Imhoff, was killed in Ukraine on Monday, IgbereTV reports

Leclerc-Imhoff, 32, who worked for CNN affiliate BFM TV, was killed on the road to Lyssychansk in the Severodonetsk region of Ukraine , according to his employers in a statement released by the network on Tuesday morning.

“He was victim of a shrapnel, while he was following a humanitarian operation in an armored vehicle on Monday.

“He was accompanied by his colleague Maxime Brandstaetter, who was slightly wounded in this strike, and their “fixer” Oksana Leuta, who was not hit.

“The Altice Media Group and the editorial staff of BFMTV share the grief of his family and friends.

“This tragic event reminds us of the dangers faced by all journalists who have been risking their lives to report on this conflict for over three months now,” reads the statement.

Leclerc-Imhoff had worked for BFM TV for six years, said the broadcaster, and was on his second trip to Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion.

Also confirming the killing of the journalist, French President Emmanuel Macron wrote in a tweet on Monday

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